Eben Armer is a stone sculptor living and working on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. Inspired by nature, light and environment, Eben brings life and emotion the elemental material of stone.

Having spent much of his childhood aboard a sailboat, Eben listened to the sounds, watched the wind and light come and go, learning to find beauty in the simplest things. Eben kept himself busy, building freestanding structures, plowing the sand around the beach into mounds and shapes and creating his own toys and entertainment. These experiences shaped him into the artist he is today, finding threads between nature and humanity and relaying them through his work.

Please visit Kara Taylor Gallery to view my current collection of sculptures.  

Kara Taylor Gallery

24 South Road

Chilmark, MA 02535

508.360.6938 | ebenarmer@gmail.com

Artist Statement

My work represents the relationship between humans and nature. These forms, as well as the light and shadows they create, generate a moment to realize life’s gifts. I am deeply influenced by nature and working with this natural material is the ultimate journey. 

The more I master working stone, the more it teaches me. The complexity of this material demands constant changing course-navigating the complexities of each individual stone. Acknowledging these unique characteristics enables me to discover what lies within each piece. 

Physics defines stone as an inanimate object, but I believe that stone has its own life force. With each sculpture I create, I set out to find the pulse of the stone, sync my breath with each blow of the hammer and allow the stone to reveal itself. Finding the relationship between this natural form, my manipulation of it and then its new relationship to the earth is the ultimate goal and challenge. 

I create these works in order to express my life experiences. My mind takes a moment - a storm, death, fire, a landscape, light, survival, love - catalogs it and, in turn, the sculpture provides me the way to convey these meaningful thoughts and experiences.

Whether it is a developed concept or the celebration of a beautiful form and shape, I strive to express an emotion and infect a feeling with each sculpture. Whether I employ natural light to funnel through a piece, play with the juxtaposition of two stones or draw ones eye to a detail only to be confused by the result, I find myself infinitely intrigued and inspired by this process.